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August 2, 2021  

Raising Seedstock vs. Commercial Cattle: Management Differences

Steve Koester has been ranching his entire life but has made the transition from commercial cattle to registered as well as spring calving to fall calving. In this episode, Steve shares his experience, insight and advice on what it takes to make the switch and what challenges you can expect to face.





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July 19, 2021  

Improving Mental & Physical Health for Ranchers

Kirsten Angell is a rancher, entrepreneur and registered dietitian. In this episode, she shares tips and tricks to live a healthier lifestyle on the ranch. She covers both the mental and physical side of living healthy lifestyles. 

This conversation gets real and we cover some tough conversations.



July 5, 2021  

A Lifetime of Entrepreneurship in the Beef Industry with Paul Engler

Paul Engler is a true entrepreneur and has dedicated his life to solving problems within the beef industry. At the age of 12 he bought his first set of cattle which eventually led to starting several cattle feeding operations. In this episode, Paul shares his story, advice and knowledge on what it takes to be an entrepreneur in the beef industry.





June 21, 2021  

Understanding & Implementing EIDs

Malcolm Harvey shares his background in technology and agriculture during this episode. He will provide an explanation of how EID technology works, the differences in tags, and how it will best help your operation.







June 7, 2021  

Becoming Better Informed About Ag Policy

Ashley_Kohls_SM9mjb3.jpgAshley Kohls has a diversified background in agriculture and a passion for fighting for agriculture in the political space. In this episode, Ashley shares her story of finding her way into the ag policy space and how ranchers can better communicate with their representatives. 




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May 31, 2021  

Who’s the Host 2021

Who's the host, how do podcasts work & what does the future look like for Casual Cattle Conversations. 

Listen to this episode to hear Shaye Koester share her background, how she operates her podcast and her plans for the future of this show. 

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May 24, 2021  

Animal Health & Entrepreneurship with Jay Rainforth

Jay has built a career in the beef industry and animal health sector. He is truly passionate about keeping cattle healthy, helping producers be successful and entrepreneurship as a whole. Tune in to hear Jay share his advice on improving animal health on any operation and his story of starting Rainforth Animal Health. 



May 15, 2021  

Social Media Influencing & the Ranching Lifestyle

Natalie is a social media influencer, ranch wife, mother, and pharmacist. She shares her story and experience on how to build and monetize social media brands. 




May 1, 2021  

Managing Reproduction, Nutrition & Genetics with Rick Funston

Rick comes from a North Dakota ranch but has built a career of helping ranchers improve reproduction management in their herds from Montana, North Dakota and Nebraska. Rick is based out of Nebraska and is passionate about beef cattle reproduction because he understands how it drives profitability for ranchers. 

April 15, 2021  

Managing Time & Labor Resources on a Diversified Operation with David Schuler

We talk about maximizing efficiency with data, communication and cattle handling as well as maintaining mental health. David Schuler with Schuler Red Angus shares the methods and processes used by their operation to improve the overall efficiency of the ranch. 


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